The two-masted schooner

Maria Sofia av Tyresö

Welcome aboard Maria Sofia - a ship full of possibilities.


Maria Sofia of Tyresö is a two-masted schooner with a home port in central Stockholm, Sweden. For over eight years she has been lovingly rebuilt as a sailing ship in one of the most lavish traditional tallship projects in Sweden. Every part of her has been built with the utmost respect for traditional boatbuilding craftmanship without compromising on comfort. A new engine has this year been installed and her new sails new sails will be ready in time for spring. Maria Sofia is a gem that offers endless possibilities whether the ambition is to day-cruise or if the target is sailing around the world!

Contact us:

E-mail: frida@mariasofia.se

Telephone:+46 735 448 628

Norra Hammarbyhamnen

116 41 Stockholm, Sweden


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