Going on

Maria Sofia's new sails are now being sewn up. S/Y Dawn of Days mail sail gets a new life as Maria Sofia mid sail.



What is happening onboard?

January 2013:

It is now three weeks since the installation of the new engine was finished and we could take a breather. The installation has been a real adventure with many twists and turns. Below you can see a short video of the premiere run of our new Scania Vabis.

Floating Pictures

Stockholm 2013

Sommar 2013:


Stockholm Floating Pictures:


Floating pictures is a public event that will take place during the summer of 2013. Maria Sofia's 150m2 sails will be transformed into an outdoor cinema for short film, video-art, animation and documentary film-making. SFP will take place at a quay in central Stockholm and is a collaboration with the Stockholm Visitors Board, Film Form and Digital Art Centre.

Spring / summer 2013:

With the new engine and sails we are of course extra excited to head out sailing this year. As soon as winter is over we will head out in the archipelago

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